A 16-year-old girl redefines her femininity while pursuing boxing against the will of her mother, claiming her identity in the hyper-masculine culture of 1990s Brooklyn, New York.

"Not For Girls is a film about an ambitious young girl's journey to become a boxer and the adversity she battles along the way. The story takes place in the 1990’s, amidst a surging rise and struggle for women in sports. 


The story is based on personal experiences, and is equally inspired by the sport's female advocates who have fought for their own recognition, like Heather Hardy and Claressa Shields. Though strides have been made, the fight for gender equality is still present. Writing this story is my pledge to join the fight, celebrate women who go against the grain, and create a voice for athletes who are told “no” specifically because they are female.


I became drawn to the sport of boxing in grade-school after watching my older brother train. I imagined myself in his position, and felt a sense of freedom that I was not experiencing in the other activities that were "assigned" to me. Being a young lady under my Mother’s guardianship meant learning dining etiquette, personal grooming, posture, penmanship; how to cat-walk. Being a young boy meant less pressure - you could carry yourself as you pleased, you could create an identity for yourself - you could participate in high impact sports! I was bored with the idea of becoming the perfect bride. From a young age, I felt the the pressing need to express myself - as myself. Around this time is when I was told that boxing is “not for girls”. I took every ounce of criticism and rejection as motivation to prove people wrong - embracing the adversity and igniting a journey through the years of my adolescence to show everyone who I could become.


Not For Girls follows Ashley, a girl who's made up her mind at a young age to take initiative in determining her own identity. A character like this one serves as a role model and source of inspiration for all girls courageous enough to follow their dreams. She's proof that you can be feminine and “badass”. As we continue to strive for gender equality in and out of sports, we want this film to be a powerful, artistic and poignant voice in the fight." - Raquel Harris



Director: Jonny Lee Miller

Writer: Raquel Harris

Director of Photography: John Fitzpatrick

Executive Producer: Jonny Lee Miller

Production Company: Floor 1 Productions
Producers: Ian M. Adelson, RJ Brown, Brittany Peterson, and John Fitzpatrick

Casting: Raquel Harris


Ashley (Younger): Brooke Thomas

Ashley (Older): Raquel Harris

Jordan (Younger): Leon Hohauser

Jordan (Older): Doron JePaul Mitchell

Josianne: Lynnette R. Freeman

Coach Tony: Brandon Levi


1st AD: Brittany Peterson

Edited by: Samuel Zucker

Graphic Designer: Jay Ross

Gaffer: Wes Ortiz

Key Grip: Mike Magilnick

Sound Mixer: Eric Walendowski

Boom Operator: Tim Elder

Composer: Brendan Rivera

Sound Design: Brett Van Deusen

Coloring: Tam Le

Continuity: Nora Graller

1st AC: Josh Bote

Loader: Will Fortune

HMU: Drishty D’Costa

Wardrobe: Gaby Wilson, Raquel Harris, and Brittany Peterson

Production Assistants: Lucy Lowenberg, Rebecca Knox, and Vlada Yecheva


Young Fan: Zyonn Boatwright

Referee: Napoleon Williams

Promoter: Ian M. Adelson

Singer: Juanialys

Ashley’s Opponent: Jennifer Dugwen Chieng

Ring Card Girl: Cleopatra Lee

Trevor: Jeremy Sanchez

Trevor's Opponent: Bruce Carrington

-Zyonn Boatwright

-Desa Bowers (Instructor)

-Ketema Nalty
-Tamia Tobin
-Tamiah Donatien

-Taylor Williams


-Lucy Lowenberg

-Drishty D’Costa

-Rebecca Knox

-Brittany Peterson

-Gaby Wilson


-Houston Arriaga

-Michael Concepcion

-Andy Dominguez

-Teddy Eustace


-Nora Graller

-Brandon Beeler

-Wes Ortiz



-Dean Echenberg

-Lindy Flemming
-Ariel Engelbretson
-Sylvia Channing
-Sara and Bernard Kiemboch

-Tonette Lang-Brown

-Roosevelt Brown

-Jeffrey Steinmaan

-Stacy Depp
-Louise Harris

-Justin Ng
-Jennifer Sorika-Wolf


-Women’s World of Boxing

-Hit House

-Fierce Spa


-Title Boxing


-Society Nine

-Superare Fight Shop


-JLew Bags


-Lightbulb and Co.


-Fixitinpost LLC




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