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Semi-Finals Results...

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Thank you to Stretched Out Brooklyn, Vobyo, and everyone who has supported me or contributed to my GoFundMe campaign. I raised $1,723 and was able to travel to Louisiana, compete in the 2019 USA Boxing Nationals and make it to the semi-finals. Unfortuntately, I lost to the #1 ranked fighter in the USA.

Taking hard punches two days in a row with congested lungs due to asthma led to a decline in my performance and recovery, but I will be back next year to collect the strap. If you did not receive digital links or would like to redeem your free class at Hit House, contact me. Going to spend my last few days here to recover, cheer on my peers, and train with other elite athletes!



I have my eyes set on competing locally in the 2020 Golden Gloves (Ringmasters Tournament) and I was invited to represent the USA Muay Thai team next year at the International Martial Arts Festival in Pattaya, Thailand. Additionally, I will be heading to New Mexico for a training camp at Jackson Winks MMA and making my grappling debut!


My screenplay, Not For Girls is currently in the submission process for the top film festivals in the world. Once we know our status then I will be able to share the official premeire date. In the meantime -  I am working on a series, writing a book, and in pre-production for a YouTube channel. My team and I are looking forward to unfolding all of these projects by the end of January 2020.

Thank you to my friends Bruce Carrington, Lindsey VanZandt, Jennifer Dugwen Chieng, and Delante "Tiger" Johnson for inspiring me to get back into the ring this year sooner than later.

To my coach, Marcos Suarez for taking me under his wing.

And to my campaign supporters for making this trip possible: Maria D, James Guccione, Christopher Harris, Stacy Depp, Danielle Hobeika, Lindsey VanZandt, Louise Harris, Alexandra De Castro, Ricky Barksdale, Aleksey Korzun, Jason Kringstein, Sarah Edson, Ryan Wilkerson, Sara Orofino, Samad Mobley, Shemuel Pagan, Kathreen Sterling, John Brancato, Robert Constance, John Harris, Marrisa Graham, Julie Henick, Amanda Kwok, Donald Hobson, Sia B, Anthony Baker, Steve Low, Chad Vazquez, Michael Higgins, Cari Sekendur, Raymond Haigood, Jeremy Sanchez, Stephany Giovinazzo, John Datri, Jennelle Mckenzie, Amanda Smith, and Houston Arriaga.

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